Top 4 Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Home

Top 4 Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Home

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Deter thieves from stealing your valuables by understanding vulnerable parts of your home and how to secure them. Entrant points are easy targets by thieves because they provide an easy access to your house. You cannot always be present to watch over your property and some of the security equipment’s are expensive to install. What you need to do is protect top 4 most vulnerable parts of your home, where thieves find easy entrant.

Garage doors

Garage door is a big entrance point to your house and requires consideration when planning for home security. Thieves can take advantage of emergency door release or remote control device to get an easy access. Garage windows are also vulnerable break-ins point. Avoid using remote control with preset codes since thieves can use similar model of remote control to get access to your garage. The experts at Aladdin Doors recommend that you avoid leaving the opener in the car since it can easily be stolen. Consider talking with your garage technician about securing the emergency door release system.

Front door

This is the most used access point by thieves; trees, shadows and other decorations near the door provide a hiding place for thieves. Thieves also take advantage of architectural obstructions on the door way to hide. Avoid unnecessary decorations and shadows near the door will make it hard for thieves to find a hiding place. Install alarms, secure door lock system and light in order to deter thieves away.


Windows are potential vulnerable break-in points by thieves. Most home owners overlook window security thus presenting an opportunity for thieves. Sliding windows and other decorations to beautify the window may look cool but may present advantage to thieves. Old windows and damaged windows can also be used as an easy access point. Use visible window locks to deter the thieves away. Ensure that you always leave your window closed when leaving your house. Consider using window grills if you are using sliding windows or any other window design that are easy access points by thieves.

Side yards

Homes with side and back entrants can easily be targeted by thieves without anyone noticing. Burglar can get entry by sneaking through the side yards. Homes next to alleys are also an easy target since it is easy for anyone to learn about your home design and entry points. Consider fencing your side yard or your compound especially if you are living next to alley. Consider buying flood lights and motion sensors if fencing is impossible.

Understanding the four most vulnerable parts and how to secure them is important in ensuring home security. The above tips present easy to follow steps and affordable alternatives that you can use to secure your home and property.



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