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Revisiting the Dan Haren Trade

August 1st, 2013

Patrick Corbin has emerged as a National League Cy Young candidate this season.

On July 25, 2010 the Angels traded Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez, and prospects to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Dan Haren, who was under team control for as many as three full seasons after the trade.

Haren was in the midst of a down year; he had a 4.60 ERA over 141 innings for the DBacks. The then 29-year-old was due for some regression, but the Angels trailed the Rangers by seven games in the AL West, and any addition was unlikely to put them over the top in 2010. Since the Angels could keep Haren at a relatively affordable rate for the next few seasons, the deal didn’t seem too bad. The Angels would then miss the postseason in 2010, then again in 2011, then again in 2012, then again in…

The deal looks pretty horrendous now, as the prospects headed to Arizona were Patrick Corbin and Tyler Skaggs. Corbin has emerged as an NL Cy Young candidate this season, posting a 2.24 ERA and equally impressive peripherals through 144 1/3 innings this season. Skaggs was the supposed prize of the deal for Arizona. He was a super projectable left-hander who scouts could dream on. Skaggs has since filled out a bit, and he remains a promising prospect. The Santa Monica native has struggled in brief big league stints, but just turned 22 last month. 

Haren did provide the Angels with a ton of value, but it doesn’t look like the juice was worth the squeeze. Not only are the prospects legitimate, but Joe Saunders gave Arizona over 400 innings and pitched to a 3.96 ERA before they flipped him for Matt Lindstrom last August. Saunders made only $11.5 million during his final two arbitration years, which was less than Haren’s annual salary when the Halos employed him.

It looks like this is a trade that Jerry Dipoto won! As the interim general manager of the DBacks at the time, Dipoto extracted plenty of value out of Haren’s controllability. If the Angels have any luck, Dipoto will be able to win another deal or two…

This post was inspired by Ryan Morrison of Inside the Zona. Ryan also took a look back at the trade, but through a DBacks’ lens.


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  • sleepy49er says on: August 1, 2013 at 7:45 am


    Just throwing salt on the wound! The Angels need to find a GM that bleeds Angel RED. It is obvious Arte has limited baseball knowledge and depends on his “people”.

    Normally DOORMATS don’t have a payroll of $127M, you would think they might have a payroll of $57M or $60M like Tampa Bay or Oakland. The Angels ARE the laughing stock of MLB. Speaking about a joke, did you see Scioscia get tossed the other day. The guy doesn’t even get respect from the umps, weak.

    It looks like LA is back, the LOS ANGELES DODGERS that is.

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