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Halos Daily’s 2012 Season Highlights

November 9th, 2012

Mike Trout has made Angels fans everywhere smile.

We here at Halos Daily, are just like the rest of you who frequent this wondrous spot on the interwebs.


As fans, we are all disappointed about the end results the 2012 season provided us, but there were plenty of highlights along the way.

From Jered Weaver’s no-hitter to Mike Trout’s catch to Kendrys Morales’s switch hit two home run inning, there was no shortage of miraculous moments this season. And here are each of our favorites.

Jesse Crall’s Favorite Moment

“This season featured the second worst scenario for a baseball fan, one in which a hyped team comes close but disappoints. Of course, it beats total ineptitude, the sort of 100-loss season Cubs fans dealt with in which bright spots were a monthly occurrence. With the Halos, we saw plenty of moments of hope and excitement as a star filled team played some incredible ball after that woeful 6-14 start. They came up short, but it was quite a ride.

The best moment? Trout’s call-up and any point after in which he destroyed the competition. We all know that. Any talk of this season for decades to come will begin and probably end with Mike Trout, no matter how his career goes moving forward. So, to get specific and maybe avoid the clear touchstones like his catch in Baltimore off J.J. Hardy’s bomb, I’ll go with that series in Colorado, a three-game set the Angels swept by scoring 28 runs. I pick Colorado because it featured Trout rapping out 8 hits and stealing 4 bases AND Torii Hunter settling into the #2 hole with 9 hits and 3 home runs. He came into that series hitting just .238. He’d missed two weeks in May and his power seemed to be waning. At 37, I was certain 2012 marked Hunter’s last as an Angel and maybe his final run as a big league starter. Colorado pitchers served him up some meatballs that flew through the thin air but Torii kept it up all season. That series was a spark, whether he was pressing earlier and something snapped into place or his time watching Trout inspired a little extra focus, a little extra drive that had him playing the best ball of his life. Trout finished the series with his average up to .350, putting MVP talk into gear and starting the Mike Trout WAR watch. I wish Colorado was the genesis of the Angels run to the playoffs, but Hunter’s resurgence and Trout’s dominance were the seasonal high points, and the series in Denver strikes me as the best example of their success.” - Jesse Crall (@jessecrall)

Andrew Karcher’s Favorite Moment

The Catch. No disrespect to Willie Mays, but this catch was better. Even though Trout had already been raking for about two months prior, this was the moment I knew Trout was the best player in baseball; is there anything Trout can’t do?. The play perfectly encapsulated Trout’s raw tools in a five second span. The speed. The size. The athleticism. Not to mention the joy he brings to the game and the contagious enthusiasm that rubs off on his teammates. Watch the clip again. Look at how pumped up he is after a 1st inning catch in a June game. Did you also notice that for a few seconds he looked behind him (not sure if he was looking at the wall or looking at the scoreboard hoping to catch a replay before the next pitch)? Even he can’t believe how good he is.

Full disclosure that I wasn’t watching the game as it happened. I was on my honeymoon at the time, but that didn’t prevent my phone from blowing up. “Dude, when you get a chance, you HAVE to see Trout’s catch.” “Trout just made maybe the best catch I’ve ever seen.” This prompted me to check out Twitter (“Honey I’ll be right back, I just gotta go to the restroom really quick.”) and the consensus from Angels fans and beat writers was Mike Trout: Holy Crap. Seeing the highlight on a TV at a restaurant, even my wife, ever the baseball-agnostic, was impressed. My friends and Twitter peer group didn’t hype the catch at all. My reaction wasn’t all that different from Jered Weaver’s, the beneficiary of the saved homer. Just a blank stare followed by a thankful salute. Angels fans should get accustomed to that. For the next decade, Trout will do things we can’t even understand and we’ve never seen before — all we can do is be thankful we get to see it firsthand.” - Andrew Karcher (@andrewkarcher)

Nathan Aderhold’s Favorite Moment

“The 2012 season was a bit of an odd one for me, as I spent pretty much the entirety of it abroad. My favorite moments of seasons past typically revolve around games I attended, but with the only game I made it to this year being a 6-0 shellacking at the hands of the A’s in the dark times of mid-April, picking one this time around proved to be difficult.

After careful consideration, and with a mission not to default to Mike Trout, I’ve decided to go with Mark Trumbo’s laser show at the Home Run Derby. While everyone knew that Trumbo could probably compete with the best of them at the Derby, essentially no one predicted that Mark would ever make the squad. Trumbo and his painfully low OBP were supposed to mire in the world of sophomore slumps, and maybe disappear in a trade by mid-season. But Mark came out of the gate mashing — pre-season predictions be damned — and continued to launch bombs through mid-July, culminating in his jaw-dropping performance in Kansas City that was just flat-out fun to watch. I know things didn’t end well for Mark, but his stellar first half was so good that it’s hard not to hope that with a few more of those offseason pitch selectiveness drills that first-half 2012 Trumbo can stick around for all of 2013.” - Nathan Aderhold (@AdrastusPerkins)

Drew Mumford’s Favorite Moment

In a year defined by highs and lows, the most enjoyable moment of the 2012 Angels season to me was the point where players, executives, and fans alike were experiencing the ultimate high. I was in my car when the moment first occured, not in the stands or in front of my tv, and many players were in a hotel lobby or on a beautiful beach somewhere instead of being on the field. So of course that means my favorite moment of the 2012 Angels season actually took place in 2011.

I like a power bat and I love a power arm. On a dreary morning in LA in early December 2011, Angels owner Arte Moreno delivered both to every Angel fan on the planet. In a span of about two hours at the 2011 MLB Winter Meetings in Dallas, both Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson became Angels. I almost crashed my car when I was checking the feeds on twitter. I later ran up a $350 bar tab at a popular golf course and cocktail lounge in Newport Coast by 2pm celebrating the arrival of those two All Stars with my father and a couple of my friends. We drank, we ate and we celebrated the moment where our one time forgotten Angels became a legitimate big-time big market club.

 - Drew Mumford jr. (@jrjantreshunt)

Justin Millar’s Favorite Moment

“My favorite moment of the season had to be the Angels 15-8 victory over the Texas Rangers on July 30th. That game was special for a variety of reasons. For one, the Angels ended the night just 3 games back from the Rangers in the West, and there was great optimism among Angels fans (though it was short-lived). This also took place just two days after the Greinke trade, giving fans another reason to get excited over.

During that game, the Angels erupted for a 16 hit fiasco, including a 9 run 6th inning. That 6th inning was led by Kendrys Morales’s 2 home runs (including a grand slam) from separate sides of the plate. He became just the 3rd player in history to accomplish such feat.

July 30th was arguably the high point of the season for the Angels, and it really couldn’t have been a better day. - Justin Millar (@Justinmillar1)

Hudson Belinsky’s Favorite Moment

“It was a pretty awesome year for baseball. Mike Trout made watching the Angels so much fun, but Jered Weaver’s no-no had to be the highlight of the season. Things weren’t going particularly well for the Halos (even with Trout’s recent call-up), but Weaver was on. It’s cliche, but he’s the type of pitcher who can throw a no-hitter any time out. It sort of seemed as more of a matter of if and not when.

I particularly enjoyed Weaver’s post-game celebration. The SoCal native took in his achievement with his family. Weaver is a special pitcher, and seeing him that happy brought me a great deal of joy.” - Hudson Belinsky (@HudsonBelinsky)



  • Jesse Crall says on: November 9, 2012 at 2:46 pm


    I’ve probably watched the Mike Trout catch 30 times in various formats. Never checked out a highlight so often. In terms of a singular display of talent performed right when national attention was starting to head toward Trout, it was perfect.

  • George Bradvica says on: November 9, 2012 at 4:52 pm


    Of all the accomplishments in the Mike Trout quiver, how many know that he NEVER went more than TWO games without a hit! Think about that. Consistency above all should win him his first MVP.

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