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Bringing Mike Trout Home With You

October 15th, 2013



Welcome to Day 1 of our campaign to make Mike Trout the Face of MLB 14 The Show! This post is the first of many #FISHTALES, which, of course, is short for “Fun, Informative Stories to Help Trout Attain Leverage in Enchanting Sony.”

As we all don’t remember, Reds first baseman Joey Votto won the hotly contested Face of MLB battle in February, for which he was awarded with a +20 Patience/-15 RBI t-shirt and this awkward interview in which he talks about showing off his nipples.

While I know we were all devastated that Trout missed out on those sumptuous spoils, there’s still a good chance of getting his lovely mug on next year’s installment of The Show.

So, what exactly does this campaign entail? Eventually, you’ll likely be able to vote for Trout here. For now, though, we’ll be churning out short daily posts designed to illustrate Trout’s awesomeness. It’s not like poring through his numbers and video isn’t something we already do on a daily basis, but now we get to over-share to our hearts’ content. Sorry.

More than anything, having Trout on the cover would be fun. He’s the best thing going in baseball right now in a landslide, and anything that can divert the focus of fans and media from the two-headed Pujols/Hamilton albatross is very welcome.

Two former Angels – Vlad Guerrero (’05) and Mo Vaughn (LOL) – have been featured on the cover* of Sony’s annual baseball series, but none since it switched over to its The Show incarnation in 2006.

*Jered Weaver was on the cover of MVP 07 NCAA Baseball, but that was while he was still a student at Long Beach State. He should totally sue!

Over the last eight seasons, in fact, not one of the 13 players to show up on the game’s front has hailed from a club more than 10 miles west of the Mississippi. If nothing else, then, a Trout cover means a small victory over the dastardly menace that is East Coast bias. Huzzah!

Getting Trout’s countenance on the game guarantees people will know him, even if they don’t own a PS4(!). The ads for The Show are ubiquitous come Spring Training, and the typically playful portrayal of the chosen players definitely helps humanize them – at least more than “I like sandwiches! Now watch me hit some dingers!” approach.

This afternoon, we’ll take our first look at why Trout deserves to be next year’s cover man.

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