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February 9th, 2013
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These are the most popular search terms that led people to Halos Daily yesterday.

Here at Halos Daily, we love our readers. So from time to time, we’ll be addressing some of the search terms you guys are using to find the site. Here’s a look at five of the terms you used yesterday. Enjoy!

1) “halos daily”

I’m blushing.

2) “numbers worlds series vs super bowl”

Last week, Andrew Karcher wrote a hilarious piece comparing the spectacles. This year’s Super Bowl was fun, but I’m a much bigger fan of the commercials than I am of the testosterone-filled concussion competition. I actually bought a pair of Sketchers GOrun sneakers before I found out they would enable me to cause rifts in the food chain.

For someone looking for some intriguing numbers, though, I can tell you that there have been 47 Super Bowls and 108 World Series. Teams from California have won 7 Super Bowls and 12 World Series. Californian teams account for 12.3 percent of all World Series and Super Bowl titles! This is more than the state’s fair share…California owns just 10.2 percent of the electoral votes. #math

3) “mike trout super bowl commercial”

I threw together a quick post on this last week, but there is one note from a commenter that’s piqued my curiosity: Trout isn’t at the Big A. I sent an email to a Subway spokesperson last Monday, but I have yet to receive a response. My guess is that the commercial was shot in front of a green screen, but the park does kind of look like Coca Cola Park in Allentown, PA, home to the Phillies’ Triple-A club. Allentown, by car, is about two hours from Trout’s home in Millville, NJ. But Trout is more likely to have traveled by foot, which would take about 15 minutes, for him.

Coca Cola Park

4) “rj alvarez”

Back in August, Justin Millar offered a scouting report on RJ Alvarez, the relief pitcher who the Angels used their top 2012 draft pick on. Alvarez ranked sixth on Baseball Prospectus’s Angels prospect rankings. He’s an interesting guy and he could move quickly through the farm system.

5) “why do dominicans have vladimir name”

This probably directed someone to HD because of former Angels great Vladimir Guerrero. As far as I can tell, Vladimir is not a common name choice for Dominicans. There are a couple different guesses we can make about the origin of Vladdy’s name:

  1. His parents were leftists, and named him Vladimir as an homage to Vladimir Lenin.
  2. His parents wanted people to have conversations about the oddness of his name.
  3. His parents just loved the way Vladimir doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Some day we’ll get an answer to this, but today we’re kind of stuck. We’ll find out some day, but not today.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Saturday!

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Halos Daily

Dedicated to bringing you top notch Angels analysis!