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An Angels metaphor that’s somewhat related to the holidays!

December 25th, 2012

Here at Halos Daily we’d like to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. This is a silly little metaphor thingy-majig. The point is real, but we’ll talk more about it in 2013. Be safe, and enjoy the season!

He’d been married into his new family over a year ago, and he’d tried to buy the love of his new family, but now he was in search of more creative ways to make his family happy. Jeffrey DePodo wanted to make things right after a tough 2012.

Last December he bought his new wife a 1975 Sportsy McCarr. She (the car; yeah I’m calling the car “she”) ¬†was a bit older, but she (still the car!) still had quite a few miles left in her, or so Jeffrey thought. Her engine stalled in April, but everything started to work for her as the summer unfolded. She had a decent year, but her future was in question.

Jeffrey also bought his step-son a 2006 Wild McMotorcycle. (I was shocked at the make and model too!) The Wild was great all year, but it slowed down later in the year, and a visit to the mechanic revealed bone spurs in the Wild’s elbow. Shocked, the mechanic removed the spurs immediately, and ole’ Wild should be back on the streets in no time!

So Jeffrey, his wife, Mikayla Sosha (she chose to keep her last name), and his step-son, Geoff Mathis (no relation to the baseball player), expected a wonderful 2012, in which they could ride the Sportsy McCarr and the Wild McMotorcycle to happiness. The family had other reasons to be optimistic for 2012, but the new vehicles would bring them everything they hoped for.

It didn’t work last year. Despite the new toys, Jeffrey’s family wasn’t satisfied with 2012. Jeffrey tried to patch things up around Mikayla’s birthday, investing in some jewelry. Mikayla received a necklace made purely of greinkite zarconium. Unfortunately, Jeffrey didn’t go to Jered, and it didn’t work out.

Then, Jeffrey lost the necklace. So he had to redeem himself this year. So far he’s purchased more jewelry (this time from a private jeweler in the Dallas/Fort Worth area), a calendar that gives up a lot of home runs (it’s Joe Blanton!), and a dog, which used to have a huge yard to play in, but now has a slightly smaller yard that should still work, but it’s not a sure thing.

Jeffrey’s moved some pieces out of the house to clear space, and there may be some hard feelings, but the pursuit of the perfect holiday celebration has fueled.

DePodo and his family might get by for a while on the joy that all the toys and gifts come with, but it’s not a viable solution for long-term success. They need to start creating joy with what’s inside. If Jeffrey wants a great holiday every now and then, that’s fine. But it can’t come alone; there needs to be some internal development within the family to supplement and support the family’s happiness.

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Dedicated to bringing you top notch Angels analysis!