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Game 130: Sparks fly as Halos route Boston

August 30th, 2012
Kendrys Morales circles the bases after hitting a 2-run home run off of Zach Stewart in the 1st.

After a stunning come from behind victory on Tuesday night, I tweeted this:

And the spark may have been lit.

Knocks on wood.

The Angels got off to an early 9-1 lead, bringing back memories of August 18th, when the Angels jumped to a quick 8 run lead, before CJ Wilson and the bullpen blew it by allowing the Rays to stake a 10-run comeback win.

Luckily, this time the Angels held on to win.

Still Time to Submit Logos!

August 29th, 2012

Interested in graphic design? Notice HD’s gaping hole in the logo department? Tired of cheesy commercials and ads that ask you questions?

Well then, you may want to enter our logo design contest! From now until September 1, readers will have the opportunity to submit potential logos for the site!

The winner will receive an EGraph, which can be used to connect with one of your favorite Halos–Mark Trumbo, CJ Wilson, and Torii Hunter are just a few of the stars you could possibly connect with.

In addition to the EGraph, you’ll also receive the pride of having your logo seen by 55 million people every week. Yes, that many people read Halos Daily. Yes, I’m kidding. But seriously, you’ll have the opportunity to show friends and family that you contributed something to the site. And if you’re interested in a career as a graphic designer, this will be a simple place for you to point people to see your work.

All submissions must be in by September 1. No late submissions will be accepted. Submissions must be emailed to halosdaily@gmail.com. There will be only one contest winner.


On the Bullpen Woes

August 28th, 2012

Try as they might to fight them off, relievers are forever beholden to the small sample size dragons. By no fault of their own, a relief pitcher can look like god one year and be gone the next (see: Lidge, Brad).

I think we all intuitively understand this volatility, in a way, but have trouble coming to terms with it because everyone else on the field operates with so much more stability. And, well, what the hell else are we going to complain about?

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Dedicated to bringing you top notch Angels analysis!